July, 2009
-at MARS Gallery


My project "Grimmed" was displayed in its entirety at Mars Gallery with the accompaniment of artists Sean Williams and Allen Emerson Hicks.

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Revisit the familiar. 'Grimmed' is a journey through three of grimm's fairytales in a whole new light.

REVIEW: Sabina Cosic/MARS Gallery

"In a genial postmodern romp through familiar fairy tales, Sabina Cosic creates color photo-narratives with sometimes surprising and always happy effect. Relieved of fear and vulnerability, though still a waif, Little Red Riding Hood sets off to grandma’s house, encounters a horrific fanged wolf in the bed who stares at her quizzically through wide plastic yellow-rimmed glasses, sits down and greets him with a warm smile, and ends up carrying away a delightful bowl of fruit as the wolf takes a peaceful snooze. Dull rays of light shoot through Cosic’s muted scenes, giving them a comfortable sense of the fantastic that excludes any hint of threat or the bizarre. Even Cinderella evokes a chuckle as she bears her crowned head proudly and stands sublimely and imperiously in front of a skull on the ground in the final scene from her story. (Michael Weinstein)"